Your security is paramount and to keep your business secure you need cutting edge technology from the market leaders in ATM protection.

Lockpoint was established in Newcastle more than 20 years ago and began life by providing specialist security consultancy for clients. As the company developed, it moved to new premises at North Shields, recording its first major manufacturing breakthrough in 2010, with the development of the Gryphon, which provides the best possible security for ATMs, or cash machines by combining a wall of steel with sophisticated electronic wizardry.

Today Lockpoint’s innovative security products stand between vulnerable people and places, and the criminal.

British-designed and precision manufactured in the UK, Lockpoint’s products are tailored to provide security in an insecure world by countering specific criminal threats and keeping staff, stock and customers safe.

Lockpoint solves problems and set standards in the security industry, ensuring that our clients are always one step ahead of the criminal.

Time does not stand still at Lockpoint and we constantly strive to develop and improve our products in response to customer requirements. The company is at the cutting edge of developments in the banking and security industries, working with our partners on such innovations as cash-recycling and increased automation in the retail banking world.

We’re proud that our products are not only designed in the UK, at our North East England headquarters, but also that we source the highest quality customised components from tried and trusted suppliers within just 20 miles of our offices.